10-year-old says first curse word after realizing parents drove him 15 hours to see leaves in Asheville

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ASHEVILLE- Every year fall brings a new array of colors.


For 10-year-old Trevor Fleming of 3750 The Midway Dallas, Texas fall added a little color to his vocabulary.


Fleming was riding with his two parents in the family minivan on the Blue Ridge Parkway Saturday afternoon, when all of a sudden he threw his juice box at the windshield and blurted out his first curse word.


“Are you fucking kidding me?” said Fleming.


“We drove 15 hours to look at fucking leaves. We skipped the state fair to look at fucking leaves.”


Susan Fleming appalled by her son’s coarse language pulled the car over and began to berate Trevor for his actions.


“Trevor where did you learn that word?” said Susan.


“I don’t pay 4,000 a semester to Sister Mary’s School for the Boys for you to be some heathen.”


 Meanwhile Trevor’s father Tom resisted the temptation to smirk as he secretly held the same thoughts as his son, but didn’t want to anger Susan in case a miracle happened and Susan wanted to relive her high school days in the Holiday Inn hot tub later that evening. Tom planned on taking Susan on the Biltmore Estate Wine tour later that evening to increase his chances.


“Come on mom we have leaves at home that look exactly like this,” said Trevor.


“You know how I know? Because you made me and daddy rake them last Saturday and then you didn’t even let me jump in them because they would supposedly ruin my clothes. We have washing machines for a reason mom.”


Susan irate at her son pleaded at her husband Tom for assistance.


“Do you hear the words that are coming out of your son’s mouth Tom?” said Susan.


Tom, who had been daydreaming about Susan in a cheerleading outfit, attuned to the conversation for the first time.


“Ummm, Uhh what?” said Tom.


“Oh yeah Trevor don’t talk to your mother like that. When we get back home you’re grounded from trumpet lessons for a month.”


Susan threw her hands up in the air.


“Your son doesn’t even play the trumpet Tom,” said Susan.


Trevor, Tom, and Susan drove back to the Holiday Inn in silence. The Fleming’s eventful Saturday took a pleasant turn later that evening as they lost themselves in the aroma of Applebee’s Triple Chocolate Meltdown.


The Fleming’s next family vacation will be in February with a trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado to see snow. Tom hopes to consummate with his wife at least once before the next family vacation, but Tom’s birthday isn’t until May so he isn’t counting on it.

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