5 days till Laugh Your Asheville Off, where to support six local comics at the festival

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5 days until the 8th annual Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival held August 13th-16th.


Today’s comedian spotlight focuses on where you will be able to find current and past local comics performing at the Laugh Your Asheville Off festival.


Comedian Art Sturtevant

Comedian Art Sturtevant

Local comedians Taylor Rogers and Art Sturtevant will be performing on the kickoff showcase at Highland Brewery on Wednesday August 13th. Sturtevant has been performing comedy here in Asheville before I even attempted my first open mic back in 2011 and has always been a favorite of mine to watch. Taylor is perhaps best known for hosting Asheville’s very own late night talk show, which he performed last at the Mothlight. Click here to find tickets!


Greenville, S.C. comedian Tom Emmons will be performing his one liners the next evening at the 7:00 p.m. showcase at The Millroom. The Millroom will be playing host to not only the festival, but also comedians Duncan Trussell and Bobcat Goldthwait in the upcoming weeks. So be sure to keep an eye on happenings at the Millroom. Click here to find tickets!


Comedian Allie Steinhoff

Comedian Allie Steinhoff

Later Thursday evening Asheville comedian Allie Steinhoff and former Flat Rock comedian Cody Hughes will be performing at the 9:30 p.m. showcase at The Altamont Theater. Steinhoff’s patented dark sense of humor, sarcasm, and at times plain dirty jokes is a joy to watch, especially if you pay attention to audience members’ facial reactions, who quite clearly were not expecting Steinhoff’s style of comedy. I haven’t seen Hughes perform since he left the region to pursue comedy in Chicago, but he was always a favorite of mine to watch especially if things went south during his sets, watching him dig out of intentional holes he dug for himself was comedy gold and hysterical. Click here to find tickets!


Comedian Minori Hinds

Comedian Minori Hinds

Finally local DJ and Asheville audience favorite Minori Hinds will be performing at the last show of the festival Saturday night at the Diana Wortham Theatre. There is very few local showcases Hinds is not a part of and perhaps is the comic since I started paying attention to the Asheville comedy scene in 2011 that has improved the most. Click here to find tickets!


So for those of you that like to preach support local, here is your opportunity to support local comics at the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival.

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