Abstinence group to shoot documentary about lives of abstinent people at Asheville Comic Expo

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ASHEVILLE- When swarms of people, who practice not having sex, gathers in a central location, national abstinence group We’re Abstinent and We Know It (WAWKI) is there to celebrate.


So when individuals attend this Saturday’s Asheville Comic Expo, they will not only be celebrating their favorite comics, but WAWKI’s filmmakers will be asking them what it is like to be abstinent.


WAWKI will be shooting scenes during the Asheville Comic Expo to be part of a documentary that focuses on groups of people that are abstinent and how they live their lives.


“Our culture is so focused on sex and everything we watch on television is just sex,” said Stacey Fox, president of WAWKI.


“We wanted to give people a breathe of fresh air and focus our documentary on individuals, who do not have sex. We’ve been all over the country filming our documentary and we have found people, who do not have sex either go to church frequently, married, or love the shit out of comic books.”


Asheville Comic Expo is happening this Saturday from 11-7

The Asheville Comic Expo will be held at the US Cellular Center from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. There will be comic books vendors, artists, writers, guests, and panels. The convention will also include costuming, science fiction, and tabletop, card, and video gaming.


Andy Molder a 32-year-old Asheville resident plans on attending this weekend’s Asheville Comics Expo and does not appreciate WAWKI’s assumption that attendees of the Expo do not have sex.


“I had sex once and I didn’t even pay her for it,” said Molder.


“The assumption that us nerds don’t have sex is bullshit.  In fact right after this interview I’m going to stick my light saber in my Princess Leia blowup doll’s galaxy. Oh and people say plastic does not count. You would be amazed how far technology has come in mimicking the actual reproductive parts. Plastic is almost better than the real thing too, because nobody is mad after five seconds.”


Molder says although most attendees’ primary goal this Saturday is to share their interest of science, comics, and gaming, most attendees also hope to get some action under the sheets or on top, personal preference of course.


If someone scores with the joker at Asheville Comic Expo, is the joke on them?

“It’s only natural for that many sex starved people to gather in one area that things will get extra spicy,” said Molder.


“My dad attended the San Diego Comic Con in 1973 and he still talks about the action people were getting that weekend. In fact that is where my dad and mom met. So for some group to be shooting a documentary about abstinence this coming weekend, good luck. Because as urban cultural icon and rapper Nelly says, ‘It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.”


At this point in the interview Molder was instructed to put his Incredible Hulk shirt back on.


Fox, however is convinced they will find individuals, who do not have sex this weekend at the Expo.


“Mr. Molder aside, I’m sure we can find a few folks, who are abstinent, especially at the Dungeons and Dragons table,” said Fox.


If you are interested in being a participant in WAWKI’s documentary, you can contact them here.

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