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Pay What You Want, When You Want

We are happy to offer pay what you want, when you want advertising for local Asheville businesses!

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Who are we?

The Citizen Thymes is a locally owned website that seeks to promote area businesses, events, and the charm of Western North Carolina. Our special brand of parody, humor, and wit offers “News with Spice” to our readers. We hope that our fans will aid in supporting us as we continue to grow. Our readers seek entertainment, and your business could be their next destination.


The Citizen Thymes is also home to the Finding Asheville podcast with Nathan Miller, an interview format show featuring local entrepreneurs, artists, brewers, and chefs.


Why whatever I want and when I want?

Why not? The Citizen Thymes and the Finding Asheville podcast is fueled by passion, which means even if we don’t make a dime, we will still be here tomorrow doing what we love.


We also love the Asheville community and really want to help the businesses that we love grow, no matter the advertising budget. So pay whatever you want, when you want, because you are a valued member of our community and we want to help your business grow.


Who will my ad reach?

Since the launch of the Citizen Thymes, we have seen our popularity rapidly increase. Last month alone, we received more than 11k visitors to our site. Over the last year, that number exceeds 200k page views. We also have a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. By purchasing an ad, we want to offer you the opportunity to capitalize on our success and reach an Asheville centric audience!


Click below to see monthly and yearly stats (Unlike other websites we do not include spam and search engine bots in our traffic stats, just real genuine people):

Monthly Stats

Yearly Stats

What type of ads can I purchase?

We have 19 ad spots for our classic 125 x 125 pixel sidebar ads that you can see on the right sidebar or check out an example below. Click here to get your 125 x 125 ad for whatever price you want today!


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We have one ad spot for our 728 x 90 pixel banner that spans the header of our website. Check the picture out below to see how big your new banner ad will be. Click here to get your 728 x 90 banner ad for whatever price you want today! This ad spot is first come first serve so don’t hesitate to take advantage of our offer!

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 11.04.54 PM

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Finally, we do offer two :30-1:00 on air podcast ad spots each week on the Finding Asheville podcast with Nathan Miller. Your business could be exposed to aspiring entrepreneurs and artists across the WNC region by purchasing an on air podcast ad spot. Email Nathan at or with your best offer and the two highest bids each week will have their business’s ad read on air!


But what if I hate it after I buy it?

That’s cool, we can’t please everyone, just email us anytime within 30 days of purchase at and we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked. That’s right you don’t even have to tell us why you don’t like us!


Anything else I should know?

We do reserve the right to reject ads from businesses that do not reside in the Asheville area or would not be appropriate for our audience, this includes multilevel marketing businesses.


Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us with questions about how we can help promote your business, inquiries about our website traffic statistics, and the potential benefits of supporting the Citizen Thymes. We can be reached via email at or call us at 828-209-8874.

Purchase 125 x 125 AD

Purchase 728 x 90 AD