After attending Asheville Tattoo Fest, Asheville woman still regrets getting ink of shithead ex boyfriend’s name on buttock

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ASHEVILLE- We all carry the pain of past relationships with us.


But very few of us carry that pain on the butt.


Ashley Rider a 33-year-old Asheville resident feels the pain of her past relationship every day as she has her ex’s name Stephen inked on her right butt cheek.


Rider was hoping attending the Asheville Tattoo Fest this past weekend would ease the shame she feels every day around the embroidered heart tattoo on her butt.


“I just thought surrounding myself with people that also sported tattoos would make me feel better,” said Rider.


“Boy was I wrong. I just felt the letters STEVEN burn into my ass all weekend. People would ask me if I had tattoos and that tattoo is the only one I have to show them. This weekend was supposed to be a relief and I all I took away from it was years of shame I will have to work out with my therapist.”


Rider had made a pact with her ex Steven while they were together that they would both get tattoos with each other’s names. One day Steven texted Rider with a picture of a tattoo with the letters ASHLEY branded on his buttock.


Rider returned the favor only to find out hours later that Steven’s tattoo had been fake.


“He showed me his ass which was bare and just said April Fools,” said Rider.


“What a shithead? Who does that to a person? April Fools day is the worst day of the year as far as I’m concerned.”


Rider dumped Steven four months later after finding out his attempts to find a job were also fake.


“They say if you love some one you should let them go,” said Rider.


“But what if he is a bumper sticker on your bum? Your move proverbs.”


Rider is currently single and looking for a guy named Steven, because she cannot afford to pay for the tattoo to be removed.

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