Asheville Baby craftsman Tim the ‘tool baby’ Taylor defends his tiny downtown Urban Trail bench

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ASHEVILLE- Tim the ‘tool baby’ Taylor may shed tears from time to time.


But that’s because Taylor is a baby and that’s what babies do.


Taylor absolutely refuses to shed any tears over the criticism directed at the new Urban Trail bench located in Downtown Asheville he crafted with his itsy bitsy baby fingers.


“Everybody complains that the bench is too small,” said Taylor.


“But the bench is literally four to five times my size. You could say the bench is literally larger than baby life.”


The new tiny bench replaced a six-foot bench on Walnut Street, an official stop on the Asheville Urban Trail, called the Marketplace. Critics have said the tiny bench is an attempt by the City to limit the amount of homeless people, who usually gather around the bench.


“What if Michelangelo had crafted the statue of David as a baby?” said Taylor.


“Would the statue of David be any less beautiful if it was four feet shorter? I tell you people just don’t understand artists.”


The new Marketplace bench will serve as a temporary artwork base for a bonnet and apple basket sculpture.


“I didn’t want the bench to overwhelm the sculpture,” said Taylor.


“Besides plenty of homeless babies can fit on my bench, if you want to get technical about it.”

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