Asheville Bodybuilder opposes Councilman Bothwell’s call to ban gun show on City property, says biceps are a masterpiece

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ASHEVILLE- Do you have tickets to the gun show next week, yet?




Asheville Bodybuilder Brock Nettlebaum has two for sale.


“Right bicep, left bicep, oh yeah bro I got your tickets to the gun show right here, bro,” said Nettlebaum.


Nettlebaum is concerned he won’t be able to sell tickets to his gun show much longer with City Council member Cecil Bothwell calling to ban gun shows on City-owned properties.


Bothwell called for a ban on gun shows on city property Tuesday

Bothwell called for a ban on gun shows on city property Tuesday

“Our municipal code specifically prohibits the carrying of weapons on City owned properties. I don’t understand why that law is not being enforced,” Bothwell said in a press release Tuesday.


Both the Asheville Civic Center and the WNC Agricultural Center, City-owned proprieties, have rented to gun promoters in the past.


Nettlebaum however says his gun shows should be protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


“These cannons (biceps) are works of art and the Statue of David pales in comparison,” said Nettlebaum.


“I should be able to host my gun shows on City-owned property because as an American I have a right to freedom of speech. Bothwell is being all unpatriotic and shit by suggesting I can’t show these bad boys off. Plus it would be a shame for all those babes to not get a glimpse of this on City-owned property.”


Nettlebaum admits he does not know why Bothwell wants to ban gun shows on City-owned properties, but Nettlebaum does have a theory.


“I think he is jealous of these bazookas, bro,” said Nettlebaum.


“I bet he doesn’t even do curls. I pity a fool who doesn’t do curls, bro.”


Nettlebaum does impromptu gun shows daily for whoever has the time and patience to watch. If you would like to purchase two tickets to Nettlebaum’s gun show click here.

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