Asheville father shows son Chick-fil-A campers as example of what giving up on life looks like

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ASHEVILLE- Usually when Garrison Ford wants to teach his 9-year-old son Leonard a lesson he just revokes Leonard’s television viewing privileges for a week.


But when more than 100 people camped out in a parking lot of a soon to be opened Chick-fil-A on Merrimon Avenue, in hopes of being one of the first 100 people in line to win 52 sandwiches, 52 orders of waffle fries, and 52 medium drinks or $292.76 worth of product from Chick-fil-A, Garrison Ford could not pass up the opportunity yesterday afternoon to teach his son one more life lesson.


Ford holding his son hand walked his son around the campsite.


“Dad why are these people camping in this parking lot?” said Leonard.


“Why don’t they camp in the woods like we do?”


Garrison Ford lowered to one knee and placed his hand on his son’s shoulder and looked him in the eyes.


“Son these people don’t camp in the woods because camping in the woods might mean they would have to go a day without convenience,” said Garrison.


“These people are here for free chicken sandwiches. Now Leonard on a nice day like today would you want to be in the woods right now or camping here for chicken sandwiches?”


“In the woods, so we can look for bears and have s’mores,” replied Leonard.


“Why do these people want to camp out in this boring parking lot for free chicken instead of the woods?”


Garrison Ford smiled at his son’s perplexed face.


“You know how mommy and I tell you to keep dreaming big and working hard and to listen to your teachers?” said Garrison.


“Yes, so I can be an astronaut,” said Leonard.


“That’s right, well look at all these people here, son,” said Garrison.


“Each and everyone of them had big dreams like you once. Some of them wanted to be astronauts, some wanted to be doctors, some wanted to be firefighters, some wanted to be writers, some wanted to be painters. But somewhere along the way they quit dreaming, they quit working hard, they quit listening to the important and encouraging people in their life like their teachers and more importantly they quit listening to what their heart wanted and because of it they had to settle for a job they didn’t want. Worse, now they have a big hole in their heart from not pursuing what they were meant to do with their lives. ”


“A hole?” said Leonard.


“Yes a hole,” said Garrison.


“And they have to fill it with everything they can. Some people fill their heart hole with television, some with video games, some with food, your Uncle Jack filled his with Jack Daniels.”


“Jack Daniels?” said Leonard.


“You will find out when your older what that is son,” said Garrison.


“What matters is the reason why these people are in this parking lot right now is because they forgot what real joy is. They forgot what it is like to roast s’mores for the first time on an open campfire. They forget what it feels like to dream. They feel empty from years of denying themselves their true destiny. The only thing that makes them happy that is left in this world is a free fried factory farmed chicken sandwich.”


“That’s sad,” said Leonard.


“I agree son,” said Garrison.


“I agree.”

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