Asheville foodie thinks about food insecure WNC child while biting into foie gras doughnut

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ASHEVILLE- It was the least John Filmore of West Asheville could do.


‘This is for Billy,’ Filmore thought as he bit into his foie gras doughnut, while picturing a faceless food insecure child, Filmore would likely never meet or associate with.


“After reading that an estimated 104,000 people are food insecure in WNC that bite of foie gras doughnut was like ten times better, because I was so grateful for what I have,” said Filmore.


“But what really can you do? I bring in a canned food item to my local favorite restaurant that will later be donated to MANNA Food Bank to receive 10 percent off my bill like any good foodie would. I do what I can you know?”


A new report by the hunger-relief organization Feeding America not only revealed 104,000 individuals are food insecure in WNC, but an estimated 27 percent of children in WNC are food insecure. also listed Asheville No. 9 nationwide in food hardship reporting, “21.8 percent of people in the Asheville area are struggling with food hardship.”


Filmore continued his tribute to a local food insecure child by posting a rather dark photo of his doughnut on Instagram, with the hash tag #thisisforyoubilly.


“I used the Sutro filter on Instagram to capture the doughnut,” said Filmore.


“I wanted to use a dark filter to express the pain each food insecure child in WNC experiences going to bed on an empty stomach. I’m just trying to spread awareness like those quarter a day infomercials on television.  I do what I can you know?”


Filmore completed his tribute to Billy by sending a check to MANNA, knowing the money would be put to good use and could possibly pay him back when tax season comes around as a deduction.


Filmore slept soundly last night, with the foie gras doughnut still digesting in his stomach, because he knew he did all he could do for Billy that day and tomorrow he could return to sharing anti-Monsanto and anti-NSA memes via Facebook like a responsible engaged citizen.

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