Asheville Gingerbread Man protests Grove Park Inn’s parking fee, says fee was not in original HOA agreement

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2013 GPI Gingerbread House Competition Winner

2013 GPI Gingerbread House Competition Winner

ASHEVILLE- It is bad enough the Gingerbread Man has to deal with the new next door neighbor’s pandas tearing up his perfectly kept green frosting yard.


But to add a $10 mandatory parking fee to park his ginger mobile on his own street is really pushing Gingerbread Man’s buttons.


For the second year in a row, the Omni Grove Park Inn is charging all visitors a parking fee to visit the resort during the annual gingerbread house display.


However, the Gingerbread Man claims the original Gingerbread Homeowner Association agreement he signed when he first built his humble abode mentioned no parking fee.


“Absolutely ridiculous, they try to gumdrop and snow cap a man to death these days,” said Gingerbread Man.


“I built my home with my own sweat, blood, and flesh and you are telling me I can’t park my own car on my own street without paying a parking fee. Licorice Sticks! I purchased candy cane rims for my car this year and I can’t even drive it around the block to show it off because it will cost me $10.”


The Omni Grove Park Inn claims the original HOA was voided after the resort was purchased this past summer by Omni, not to mention documents signed with frosting are not legally protected in the state of North Carolina.


Grove Park claims the parking fee is necessary to hire the increased staff that it takes to handle the sudden increase in visitors to the resort to see the gingerbread display. Also, Grove Park says the fee supports a good cause as half the $10 parking fee is donated to local charities.


But Gingerbread Man is not buying Omni’s sweet talk for a second.


“It’s for charity sure man, that’s what they tell you,” said Gingerbread Man.


“But I know what’s really going on. They are just trying to price us locals out that have lived here for years.  $10 may not be a lot for Omni’s fat cat customers, but you know how hard it is for a Gingerbread Man to make real money in this town? No one will hire me because everybody is a gluten free freak. Excuse me that my skin bothers you, I was born this way baby.”

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