Asheville grade school student ecstatic her teacher also works at McDonald’s

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ASHEVILLE- Issac Dickson Elementary School student Anna Regan loved learning her multiplication tables in Ms. Amanda Meyers’ class.


But Reagan loves receiving a Happy Meal toy from Ms. Myers even more.


“I was really sad when school was let out because I couldn’t see Ms. Myers any more,” said Reagan.


“But my mommy now takes me to McDonald’s to see Ms. Meyers almost every week.”


Ms. Meyers teaches second grade at Issac Dickson Elementary School and works as a cashier at the McDonald’s on Smokey Park Highway.  Meyers was hoping to get the opportunity to scale back her hours at McDonald’s, but with the North Carolina General Assembly’s current budget proposal regarding education, Meyers sees the phrase, “would you like fries with that” to continue to be in her future.


“Am I disappointed in the way NCGA treats education in North Carolina? Sure,” said Meyers.


“But I feel so fortunate to be an example to my students. I hope I’m showing my students if you study hard, stay in school and try to give back through teaching, they too can be blessed with a job at McDonald’s.”


Myers is just glad teaching wasn’t her first option like many of her colleagues at Issac Dickson. Myers actually took her current position at Issac Dickson after being recommended to get a second job by McDonald’s.


“I actually thought getting a second job was a good idea after studying the Practical Money Skills Budget Journal handed out by McDonald’s that suggested I needed a second job to survive,” said Meyers.


“Thankfully my McDonald’s salary pays most of the bills, while my teacher’s salary allows me to barely pay rent each month. I don’t know how people live on the bare minimum teacher salary in the state of North Carolina.”


Over 250 people took to downtown Asheville yesterday to protest the General Assembly’s stance on public education. However, Meyers was unable to join her colleagues since she was working the cash register.


“At the end of the day it is about the students,” said Meyers.


“And Anna wanted Chicken McNuggets last night and I delivered exactly what she wanted. It feels good seeing smiles on your students’ faces and I wouldn’t trade that for any pay raise in the world.”

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