Asheville man submits picture of stomach as application to Mountain Xpress Food writer position

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ASHEVILLE- The Mountain Xpress has a big hole to fill after award winning food writer Mackensy Lunsford left the publication to take a position with the Citizen Times to be part of the new publication Asheville Scene.


But one local resident thinks he is big enough to fill it, figuratively and literally.


Eric Munson a 40 year-old Asheville resident hopes to catch the eyes of the Xpress hiring department with his stomach and let his writing examples do the talking later.


“The Xpress is probably getting bombarded with applications right now,” said Munson.


“I wanted to catch their attention with my seasoned belly. My belly shows it has been to war with the Asheville food scene and I have the scars to show it. They always seem to force their writers to try disgusting fair food and I think it is quite clear my belly can handle that.”


While Munson’s application is unique it might not be what the Xpress is looking for.


The Xpress’s job description read, “The right person will curate and write an engaging, vibrant and informative food section for our weekly print edition, write and curate online content (in addition to the weekly print section), and be active with social media, network within the local food scene and develop the connections necessary.”


It may be hard to stomach, but Munson is the right man for the job

However, Munson believes he meets all of the qualifications and his stomach makes him the right man for the job.


“I have all types of connections in the Asheville food community,” said Munson.


“For example, Susan the waitress at the Patton Avenue Denny’s and I are on a first name basis. Susan doesn’t even have to ask me what I want to order anymore. I get the Brooklyn Spaghetti and Meatballs every time, which knocks Chef Boyardee out of the water. Every time I eat the dish I’m transported to a small café in Italy in my mind.”


Munson is not new to food writing. Munson has written restaurant reviews for food publications such as Yelp and Urbanspoon. Munson is most proud of his review of McDonalds on Hendersonville Road, which he wrote in April for Yelp.


An excerpt of the review reads, “Not your typical McDonalds. When everyone working at the establishment is plus size you know the food has to be good. The food here is made with love. The Chicken McNuggets I ordered were juicy, almost as if they were marinated in the condensation dripping from the cash register attendant’s forehead.”


Munson has yet to hear back from the Xpress regarding his application. In the mean time Munson is preparing for the new job by looking up in thesaurus alternative ways to say something was delicious.

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