Asheville man surprised to find Mormon at door not preaching about Joseph Smith, but instead some new made up prophet named Romney

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ASHEVILLE- Usually when Mormons come a knocking on James Henderson of Asheville’s door, he turns off the lights and pretends not to be home.


However, a Mormon caught Henderson this past Wednesday off guard, when Henderson opened his Biltmore Park home’s front door expecting the pizza man.


“I opened the door expecting my nose to be filled with the smell of pizza goodness and instead I find myself staring at a wide eyed grinning Mormon,” said Henderson.


“The look on the guy’s face was like ‘Haha I finally duped one.’ So I told him, ‘let’s get this over with.”


But Henderson was in for far more than a lecture about the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Henderson was surprised to learn the Mormon at his front door was none other than Tagg Romney, son of Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney.


“He started rambling about some guy named Mitt Romney, who in the past had brought his people economic prosperity by firing other people,” said Henderson.


“But he said now this Romney guy promised to bring economic prosperity by creating jobs. He said I know it sounds weird, but you have to have faith. These Mormons will believe anything.”


Tagg Romney stumped for his father Mitt Wednesday in Asheville

Tagg Romney spent this past Wednesday stumping for his father in Biltmore Park. Henderson was just one of many residents that received a visit from Tagg, but Tagg’s visit with Mr. Henderson may be one Tagg will never forget.


“I asked this guy if his father planned on delivering me a pizza, because I was starving,” said Henderson.


“He chuckled and said unfortunately his father did not plan on delivering me a pizza, but he did know some guy name Hermain Cain that could sell me some stock in some pizza companies. So I finally just asked what can your father do for me?”


Henderson explained Romney began to ask him a series of questions and if he responded no to all of them that his father could help him. Here are the series of questions Romney asked Henderson:

Are you a woman?


Do you currently receive food stamps?


Are you poor?


Are you currently enrolled in college?


Are you over the age of 65?


Do you make under $250,000 a year?


Are you a recipient of Medicaid/Medicare?


Are you a teacher?


Are you a member of a union?


Are you a scientist?


Henderson proceeded to answer no to every single one of Romney’s questions.


“After he was done asking me questions, he said congratulations you belong to the 53 percent of Americans my father can help,” said Henderson.


“So the Mormons are now trying to convince people of a prophet, who only can help 53 percent of people? Way to pull a page out of the Jehovah’s Witnesses book, Mormons.”


Henderson and Romney’s conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Henderson’s pizza.


“I wished him luck on the rest of his missionary trip, but explained I was hungry and had to go,” said Henderson.


“He thanked me for my time and said, ‘Enjoy your pizza my friend. My family ate pizza once.’ Ate pizza once? What an awkward guy.”


North Carolina is considered a swing state with polls showing residents haven’t quite decided between Romney and President Obama. The Obama campaign will make a stop in Asheville tomorrow as Vice President Joe Biden is expected to speak at UNCA.

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