Asheville man writes thank you letter to Exxon Mobil for ‘global warming’ warm January weekend

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ASHEVILLE- Enjoy your warm January weekend Asheville?


Well so did Asheville resident Bill Hader.


In fact Hader enjoyed his warm weekend so much that he spent Saturday afternoon on his porch writing a thank you letter to Exxon Mobil.


Hader shared his letter with the Citizen Thymes before shipping it off:


Dear Exxon Mobil,


I just wanted to take a moment out of my usually warm January day and give thanks to your company for providing enough greenhouse gases that I can walk my dog in January, without the assistance of a hoodie.


I have to admit I have not always been the biggest fan of your company, especially after paying $3.23 a gallon this past Friday to fill up my car.  But now I see I shouldn’t fret about paying high gas prices, when in a way I’m paying to improve my own lifestyle by enjoying a warm January weekend.  God I love paying $3.23 a gallon!


If this warming trend continues, I am concerned that there may not be any snow in the future and I kind of do enjoy skiing from time to time. But I probably shouldn’t ski due to the fact I have really bad knees. There you go again Exxon, thank you for saving my knees!


Finally Exxon, I want to thank you contributing to the release of carcinogens in the atmosphere.  Enjoying my daily three-mile run on clean air was too easy for me in the past. Having to now breathe in toxins and do the run has made my runs challenging. Thank you Exxon for challenging me to do my best.


So again thank you for everything and as a thank you gift I would like to invite you to my backyard pool party in February. It is a potluck, so bring a casserole if you can. But don’t fret over bringing a dish, because seriously you have already done so much to help my life and this planet.





Bill Hader


P.S. Don’t forget to bring a towel and sunscreen!

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