Asheville Pubelliptical looking to one up Asheville Amazing Pubcycle in downtown exercise tours

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ASHEVILLE- Asheville Pubelliptical, Asheville’s new downtown exercise tour is betting the tour that burns the most calories will be the most popular tour in downtown Asheville.


So despite the fact that rival Asheville Amazing Pubcycle opening this week two weeks before the opening of Asheville Pubelliptical, Asheville Pubelliptical owner Jillian Michaels feels more than confident, before all is said and done, her exercise tour will attract more clients.


“Our Pubelliptical burns more calories per hour than the Amazing Pubcyle,” said Michaels.


“It is common sense which tour then you would want to pick. Plus unlike the Pubcycle we don’t have a motor assist to help you up those Asheville hills. We want your fat to feel the full burn of our tour. Some may say taking an elliptical up a hill is a little redundant, but I say so what, it is double the burn.”


The Asheville Pubelliptical not only skips the motor assist, but also prohibits all beverages other than water on the pubelliptical.


“Beer is chock full of calories, why would we allow that on our tour?” said Michaels.


“Seems a little counterproductive to me, after all it is called a ‘beer gut’ for a reason. We want to help people lose weight.”


Although Michaels doesn’t advocate the consumption of beer, the pubelliptical will still visit local downtown breweries.


“We have to show people how they are getting fat and teach them about self discipline,” said Michaels.


“We are going to lock our guests in a room lined with pints of beer for one hour at a local brewery and if one of them breaks and drinks a beer that equals two extra laps around downtown on the pubelliptical.”


Asheville Pubelliptical recommends guests to bring a vomit bag as vomiting from extreme exertion is expected.


“If they vomit, great that is less potential fat that will be accumulating on those waist lines,” said Michaels.


Asheville Pubelliptical and Asheville Amazing Pubcyle have seemed to open the floodgates for other downtown Asheville exercise tours. Asheville Pubstairmaster, Asheville Pubhotyoga, and Asheville Pubcrossfit are also expected to open over the next couple of weeks.

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