Asheville spider embarrassed after mistaking household spider web decoration for own home

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ASHEVILLE- Ever try to get into your car in the grocery lot parking lot only to realize it’s not your call at all, but just looks very similar?


Halloween presents plenty of opportunities for spiders everywhere to make the same mistake except with their own homes.


Crawlina a 2-year-old Daddy Long Legs spider lives under the railing of a home on Sand Hill Road.


But this weekend she found herself in quite a predicament. Crawlina feasted on a nearby jack-o-lantern late Saturday night and crawled her way back to what she thought was her webbed abode, but instead found herself the next morning in someone elese’s web.


“I knew I had a lot of pumpkin juice, but I guess I had one sip too many,” said Crawlina.


“I woke up and I had no idea where I was. Thankfully there was no dead male Daddy Long Legs around, so I knew that the night didn’t get too crazy.”


Crawlina had passed out in a household Halloween spider web decoration, instead of her own web.


“I find it quite embarrassing that I couldn’t even tell the difference between my own home and a fake web,” said Crawlina.


“But these fake webs keep getting closer and closer to the real thing every year. Maybe next year I’ll just save time and buy one of the fake webs, instead of building my own home. It would save me a lot of hassle.”


In the meantime Crawlina plans on taking it easy on the pumpkin juice.


“The pumpkin juice makes me a little clumbsy,” said Crawlina.


“I tend to trip over my own legs, when I have too much to drink.”

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