Asheville stoner confused why Wicked Weed Brewing’s beer lacks marijuana as ingredient

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ASHEVILLE- Wicked Weed Brewing opened their doors this past Friday to rave reviews.


But not everyone is sipping Wicked Weed’s hoppy Kool-Aid.


Tate Linneman wonders where's the weed in Wicked Weed's beer?

Tate Linneman wonders where’s the weed in Wicked Weed’s beer?

Asheville marijuana enthusiast Tate Linneman finds the lack of marijuana in Wicked Weed Brewing’s Beer irresponsible and misleading.


“Marajuana is in your name dude and you’re not going to put it in the beer you serve?” said Linneman.


“Total buzz killer man. Why would you tease someone like that? I got a bad case of reefer blue balls man. I’m glad I smoked before I checked Wicked Weed out Friday, otherwise I may have just ended it all right then and there man.”



Despite a lack of marijuana, Wicked Weed’s digs look quite fancy

Linneman plans on protesting Wicked Weed Brewing starting next week. Linneman is currently weaving a banner out of hemp that reads ‘No weed here man.’


“People got to be warned about this man,” said Linneman.


“What happens if you and your friends want to watch the Hobbit right? And your friend is like, ‘hey let’s light one up man?’ And you’re like, ‘No let’s just eat at Wicked Weed and get our buzz on with the green beer man.’ Experiencing the Shire not stoned that’s like blasphemy man.”


Linneman’s strict interpretation of the word ‘weed’ may explain why his yard is filled with weeds despite his wife gifting him a Weed Eater and a bottle of Weed-B-Gon for his birthday in May.


“Weed be gone?” Linneman chuckled.


“My wife is so funny.”


Wicked Weed is Asheville’s newest brewery. Wicked Weed is open from 5:00 p.m. to close daily and will begin lunch service after the New Year.

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