Asheville unemployment rate leaves Applebee’s waiter confident he can quit job and find new job at Chili’s

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ASHEVILLE- The recent job report shows Asheville has a 6.8 percent unemployment rate, which has a lot of out of town individuals looking at Asheville for a possible career change.


But one local waiter thinks the job report is a sign he too can make a career change.


Anthony Hillard, a 34-year-old server at an Applebee’s on Smokey Park Highway is contemplating leaving his current position for a new position at Chili’s in light of the new jobs report.


“You know it ‘s not necessarily a promotion, but sometimes you just need a change of pace,” said Hillard.


“I’ve really wanted to tell my boss off for a long time now. But everybody was always like keep on plowing ahead, because you can’t get fired in this economy. The job report gives me comfort that I can finally tell my boss he is a dick.”


Hillard would really like to get out of the service industry completely, but explains the jobs that are available in Asheville tend to be service industry related jobs.


“Sure I would like to use my economics degree, but the truth is the jobs here in Asheville tend to focus around the tourist industry,” said Hillard.


“I just envision a lot of ‘yes sir’ and ‘yes ma’am’ in my future. Oh and of course baby back ribs. At least the margaritas are a lot better at Chili’s.”


Hillard has already submitted an application to Chili’s and is currently trying to plan the most epic way to quit his current position at Applebee’s. Hillard is hoping to have a friend record it and post the video on YouTube.

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