Boy Scouts ban gay Scouts and troop leaders in fear gays will change ‘tacky’ brown uniforms

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IRVING, TEXAS- The shirts with holes in the armpits and pizza sauce stains of yesteryear strung about the front seem to always survive closet cleanings.


Those shirts no matter how rag tag gives us all a sense of our past and who we were when we wore them. The thought to just throw the shirts away strikes a fear that we just may forget who we were and what we did in a decade already forgotten.


But for the Boy Scouts of American their rag tag brown uniforms serve as a place to stand on what is deemed as an appropriate sexual orientation.


Boy Scouts of America Chief Scout Executive Bob Mazzuca

Bob Mazzuca, a chief scout executive of the Boy Scouts of America explained this week they were excluding gays from membership due to their keen sense of fashion sense and in turn, fear the organization may have to spend thousands of dollars bedazzling Scout gear.


“For anyone that is prone to pop culture and stereotypes, knows that the gays really know how to dress and most of the fashion designers out there are members of the gay community,” said Mazzuca.


“If we were to accept them into our community there primary interest would be to redesign our uniforms. A uniform redesign would cost a lot of money. The Scouts are all about serving our community and every dollar we spend somewhere else cannot be spent on the community. This is about discriminating against a few to let the majority get what it wants.”


The Boy Scouts have worn the same tan and olive uniforms since 1980, based on a design by one of the world’s leading fashion designers, Oscar Aristides de la Renta Fiallo, known for serving as one of the couturiers to dress Jacqueline Kennedy.


However, a uniform redesign is not only about costs for Mazzuca and the Boy Scouts of America. A redesign would also put Scouts in danger when hiking through the woods.


“While a lot of glitter and sparkles may be good for Scouts who want to avoid oncoming traffic at night, it is no good for the woods,” said Mazzuca.


“If the new redesign were to include glitter and sequence, the Scouts would be very visible to predators such as bears and lurking defensive coordinators. Our brown uniforms allow our Scouts to blend into the bark of a tree if need be for survival.”


Mazzuca also believes gay Scouts and troop leaders would feel uncomfortable as part of the Scouts and may feel like they won’t be able to participate.


“We don’t offer a lot of sewing or crocheting badges,” said Mazzuca.


“We like to leave that up to the Girl Scouts, because that prepares the girls better for later on in life. I guess we do wear a sash so we got that feminine vibe going for us. But bottom line the Boy Scouts are all about future men starting fires, playing in the dirt and sleeping under the stars together with other future men. We don’t hate the gays they just don’t have a place where we or them could feel comfortable together.”

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