Canada sues USSC over health care decision, influx of moron immigrants from US

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OTTAWA– The United States Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act last week, specifically the individual mandate, has had political pundits talking about how the decision will impact America politically, financially, and morally.


However, there has not been a discussion on how the court’s decision will impact our international neighbors, until now.


Canada Attorney General John Gerretsen announced Sunday morning Canada’s plan to sue the US Supreme Court for punitive damages spurred from a mass exodus of US citizens immigrating to Canada due to the court’s recent decision.


Attorney General Gerretsen

“Our country does not appreciate the recent surge of US citizens crossing the border to Canada,” said Gerretsen.


“It would be one thing if these individuals were gifted with intelligence and had potential to grow our economy, but Canada already has enough trailer parks.”


After the US Supreme Court announced the decision on Obamacare Thursday, thousands took to Twitter and Facebook to express they were moving to Canada. The following is just one example of such postings:



It appears the posts were sincere, as hundreds of US citizens have been pouring over the border the last three days.


“Cleary Canada does not want individuals in our country, who wish to escape socialized medicine, only to turn around and escape to a country such as Canada, which ironically enough has socialized medicine,” said Gerretsen.


“Canada ranks higher than the US in IQ scores and we don’t need the bottom third of the US dragging Canada down.”


Gerretson failed to specify the exact amount of punitive damages Canada was seeking from the US Supreme Court.


Tony Schiappa a US citizen, who recently crossed the border to Canada, commented on the lawsuit.


Sissy Commie Mounties

“Well I guess those Mounties with those sissy hats think they can just do whatever they want,” said Schiappa.


“The Mounties must of read Obama’s communist socialist manifesto. But I say screw you red coats, I’m American and I can do what I want.”


Canadian authorities detained Schiappa late Sunday for driving on the wrong side of the road.


“Those Canadians claim they don’t drive on the opposite side of the road like those dirty Europeans,” said Schiappa.


“But I think Barack Husein Osama set me up Jack.”


Schiappa was ordered to leave Canada after spending the night in jail.


“It’s ironic the US gets mad when citizens of Mexico cross their border, but have no respect for other countries’ borders when US citizens want to cross borders,” said Gerretson.


An US Supreme Court spokesman is expected to speak to the media Tuesday.

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