Citizen Thymes answers missed connections, 6/29

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You’re definitely no Mary Jane. Although I guess both of you do have the weird and stupid thing going. HA HA HA I just laughed so hard I think I just webbed myself.


Yes I think I do hear that song with all those voices. Is it this one?  Now tell the guy next to you to run, run, run very far, very far.


While I appreciate the sentiment, sorry lady this is one footlong quarter pound coney you won’t be serving. Ohhhh feel the heartburn….Now I have to find another convenient Sonic location, shit……..


So how exactly did you see this going down in your mind? I bet your were like “Italian dressing on your salad? Well that’s clever, doesn’t even have a hint of creepy, in fact I bet she giggles and thinks its romantic and that you will run away together to Little Caesars.” Stay away from my salad!




Well alright, figured you might want a heart starting look instead. Time of death 5:18 p.m., cause of death, unable to prioritize facial commands.

Author: citizenthymes

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