Comedian Ray Price at Elaine’s Piano Bar tomorrow night

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Comedian Ray Price





Tomorrow night Disclaimer Underground Comedy presents comedian Ray Price at Elaine’s Piano Bar for free.


Show starts at 8:00 p.m.


From Price’s Bio:

Ray Price grew up in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. The third and final child of a lower middle class family, the always awkward and out of place fat kid discovered his closest friends had spines held together by glue and stitching – books. High school was no picnic, but Ray did find the girl of his dreams. They promptly married. Ray and his wife still live together as the proud parents of 2 wonderful children.


Fortunately, Ray came of age, just as home computers began to move into the hands of hobbyists and housewives. Ray welcomed the warm blue phosphorescent boxes as his new friends. First as a computer technician and then as a software architect Ray immersed himself in the precision and security of the world of ones and zeros.


But Newton assures us for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction; and Ray has burst forth from the sequestered world of his family, books, and computers. Now he unleashes his massive intellect (Ray’s not sure what is IQ is, but he is certain it is at least in the 3 digits), sharing the frustrations and challenges that all modern adults must face. In his stand-up, Ray tilts at such indomitable windmills as stupidity, hypocrisy and roller coasters that don’t fit 350 pound computer geeks.


Here are some clips of Price performing:




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