Countdown to Laugh Your Asheville Off, Comedian Tim Harmston

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Comedian Tim Harmston



28 days left until Asheville’s annual comedy festival, Laugh Your Asheville Off, August 14th to August 18th.


Today’s feature comedian that will be performing at Laugh Your Asheville Off is comedian Tim Harmston.


From Harmston’s Bio:


In an age where comedians seemingly need to be labeled something, something like “alternative” or “blue collar” or “urban” or “latino” or “queer” or “straight” or “edgy” or “not edgy” or “high energy” or “low energy” or “intellectual”, Tim Harmston encompasses all of those and more. Tim Harmston has long been considered the hottest Alternative Blue Collar Urban Queer Straight Latino Edgy Not Edgy High Energy Low Energy Intellectual comedian working today. Maybe you saw Tim on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham or onLate Show with David Letterman – or maybe you heard him on the Bob and Tom Show or Wisconsin Public Radio perhaps? What’s that? You did. Good for you! Now go see Timlive at a comedy club near you, you won’t regret it. Well, you might, but take some chances in life for once, Harold.


Here are some clips of Harmston performing:



Tickets for Laugh Your Asheville Off are now on sale and can be bought here.

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