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Comedian Lyndel Pleasant




35 days left until Asheville’s annual comedy festival, Laugh Your Asheville Off, August 14th to August 18th.


Today’s feature comedian that will be performing at Laugh Your Asheville Off is comedian Lyndel Pleasant.


From Pleasant’s Bio:


Lyndel Pleasant is a star in the making with an act that weaves hilarious confessions about life, marriage and fatherhood into a show filled with BIG laughs and FUN times for everyone.


Lyndel is poised to secure a diverse fan base, thanks to the subtle charm of this self-proclaimed, “Sex Symbol in Training” who performs without offensive language but packs in punch lines that assault the funny bone.


With a truly refreshing style of storytelling, Lyndel has entertained audiences at comedy clubs from coast to coast including such renowned venues as Caroline’s On Broadway in NYC & The Hollywood Improv.


No stranger to success, Lyndel has been reviewed for the finest comedy festivals in the industry and has performed with such high-profile acts as Chris Rock, Nick DiPaolo, Doug Stanhope and John Heffron just to name a few!


Be Gentle, Be Kind, but most importantly, Be Pleasant!


Such a pleasant bio page Mr. Pleasant!


Here are some clips of Pleasant performing:



Pleasant recently competed in the Best of the Midwest Competition at Gilda’s Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids, Mich. Here is an excerpt of an interview the festival did with Pleasant:


LF:  What did you have for breakfast this morning?

LP:  My breakfast started at 11:40am so I had PF Changs!

LF:  If you were a superhero who would you be and why?

LP:  Batman, because when he was not being a superhero he was a billionaire that had a Manor named after him and a butler. He was in the 1%!

LF:  What is the one thing you always travel with?

LP:  There is no way I could survive my travels without my iPad2.

LF:  What is the last book you read or movie you saw?

LP:  The last movie I saw was To Kill a Mockingbird. Love it and wish my middle name was Atticus.

LF:  Who is/are your comedy heroes?

LP:  My heroes are on the Mt. Rushmore of Comedy: Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy & insert your favorite comic here

LF:  If you weren’t in comedy you would be…

LP:  Making students laugh in a classroom as one of the coolest college professors ever!

LF:  LaughFest is all about celebrating laughter for the health of it.  Do you think that laughter impacts our health / helps us deal with tough stuff in life?  How?

LP:  Laughter gives us an opportunity to feel comfort and hope at the worst of times. You can’t worry while laughing because at the moment the sun has broke through the clouds and it is a brighter day. Laugh it up and laugh hard!

LF:  What makes YOU laugh?

LP:  I get all of my jokes by spending time with my family. My Brother Larry makes me laugh so hard at times I honestly just want to get famous so he can be famous too!


Tickets for Laugh Your Asheville Off are now on sale and can be bought here.

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