Countdown to Laugh Your Asheville Off, Today’s comedian Shane Copland

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1 day left until Asheville’s annual comedy festival, Laugh Your Asheville Off, August 13th to August 17th.


Today’s feature comedian that will be performing at Laugh Your Asheville Off is Shane Copland.


From Copland’s Bio:

 Shane just doesn’t get it… growing up he told anyone that would listen that he wasn’t interested in work or responsibilities. As he’s gotten older he’s been consistently disappointed and confused as these things attempt to take on a larger role in his life.

After avoiding the real world in college, then doing some loafing, Shane found himself in Singapore working as an Advertising Copywriter for Mercedes-Benz. Soon he ran out of ways to write “this car goes fast” and decided to seek out endeavors that would pay him a tiny fraction of what he was making… the obvious choice was comedy.

He then completed Second City’s Conservatory and Comedy Writing programs; and in his short time in comedy appeared all across North America

Here is a clip of Copland performing:


For tickets to Laugh Your Asheville Off held August 13th through 17th click here.

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