Coworker suspected of buying her own Valentine flowers really has boyfriend

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ASHEVILLE- The snowpocalypse has everybody in Asheville feeling cold this week.


But employees at a local medical sales supply company feel cold year round because they have deal with their coworker ‘Bitchy’ Vicky 365 days a year.


That is why when ‘Bitchy’ Vicky received Valentine flowers midmorning from the delivery guy her coworkers were left speechless.


“How could anyone love her?” said Monica, a sales associate who spends most her days sharing cat videos on Facebook.


“She always so pushy and overbearing.”


Monica’s overweight cubicle pal Shelia, who religiously listens to Jillian Michaels podcast about weight loss and nervously chews on Girl Scout Thin Mints, had her own theory about ‘Bitchy’ Vicky’s Valentine delivery.


“I bet she bought them for herself,” said Shelia.


“No one and I mean no one could love that cold hearted woman. You remember Monica, when we had to spend a whole day with ‘Bitchy’ Vicky once during that team building seminar our boss made us attend? Ugh what a long day that was.”


Unbeknownst to Shelia and Monica, ‘Bitchy’ Vicky does indeed has a boyfriend, who also happens to be the CEO of the company they work for, which mean ‘Bitchy’ Vicky will soon be their boss.


“How embarrassing, who buys themselves flowers?” said Monica.


“Hey John did you know ‘Bitchy’ Vicky bought herself flowers for Valentine’s Day?”


John pretends that he didn’t hear Monica as he plays Angry Bird on his iPhone and wonders why just because he is the only gay guy at the office that all his female coworkers thinks he wants to hear their bullshit gossip.

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