Day 2 of the diet lead to Treat Yo Self Tuesday

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I made it 24 hours, 24 fricking hours on a diet before I caved. If my diet was the three-date rule I would of gave it up at the opening of the car door.


Why did I break my diet?


Because it was Tuesday of course, silly.


Didn’t you know Tuesday is the day to break diets?


Tuesday was my day off, so I was like why not have some fun on your day off or Aziz Ansari would say, “treat yo self!”



Treat yo self meal one


I heard something about serving Texas style barbecue in a former radio station and of course I had to check that out. What impact would the strained air from the remnants of radio waves have on the brisket I wonder?


Hank’s is located in the back of Battle Cat Coffee Bar.


I ordered the chopped rib sandwich.


Hank’s BBQ chopped rib sandwich


The sandwich is pretty tasty. The fresh red onion gives the BBQ a nice bite and at first from the looks of the sandwich you may think you may be eating a Sloppy Joe, but the chopped rib delivers.


I would prefer something else than potato chips as a side, but I will be back.


Personally I want to come back for breakfast. Hank’s serves breakfast daily and the Chili Relleno, roasted poblano pepper stuffed with cheese, topped with egg, ranchero sauce, avocado, and salsa intrigues me.


Hank's BBQ on Urbanspoon



Treat yo self Tuesday wouldn’t be treat yo self Tuesday without dessert stupid


I figured I would stop by Short Street Cakes just for a mini cupcake. You know just enough sugar to appease the palette.


Unfortunately, the store attendant was on the phone, which left me staring at the cake case for a little too long.


So instead of a mini cupcake, I wound up walking home with a whole caramel chocolate chip cake.


Short Street Cake’s Carmel Chocolate Chip Cake


Do I feel guilty about it?


Of course.


Do I regret it?


Hell no. I’ve had a piece every night to bury my regret deep inside my fat cells.


I hear it’s been a slow month for Short Street Cakes. Go do your civic duty to support local business and treat yo self to Short Street Cakes!


Short Street Cakes on Urbanspoon



Treat yo self Tuesday comes to a glorious end


After taking my dog for an evening stroll in Carrier Park, I finished treat yo self Tuesday, with a visit to El Kimchi.



I order the Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowl, a bowl of steamed rice served with beef, sautéed cabbage and carrots, scallions, and topped with an egg.


El Kimchi Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowl


If you’re in the mood to just stuff your face, you have to get the rice bowl. This is one of these meals that every other bite you just go ‘Oh..’ and shake your head like you can’t believe what it happening in your mouth.


Oh you don’t do that? Well I guess that is just something us fatties do.


This was my first time at El Kimchi, but the flavors combined with the amount of food you get for $7.00 will have me coming back often.


Plus I feel cool when I eat at food trucks. Do you feel cool when you eat at food trucks? I’m so lame….


El Kimchi (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon

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