Downtown Asheville Building Collapses, Friends say building was contemplating ending it for long time now

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ASHEVILLE- When a building at 15 Carolina Lane collapsed to its’ death around 2:15 p.m. yesterday, it shook nearby office workers as they felt the impact of the collapse.


15 Carolina Lane aftermath after collapse, Photo via Ashvegas

15 Carolina Lane aftermath after collapse, Photo via Ashvegas

But friends of 15 Carolina Lane were not surprised to hear about 15 Carolina Lane’s demise as friends say the building had been considering ending its’ life early for a long time now.


“You know 15 was kind of a loner,” said 62 N. Lexington Avenue, the building that houses the Asheville French restaurant Bouchon.


“Us buildings would throw parties and 15 just kind of always stood there, not really wanting to socially interact with anyone. 15 was a real stiff, you know always upright and held the same posture. I think 15 was in a lot of pain.”


Nearby buildings say 15 was always complaining about the pain and how it was too much to handle.


“Oh 15 truly embraced the Asheville spirit,” said 62 N. Lexington Avenue.


“15 didn’t believe in Western medicine and refused to see a doctor. 15 always complained about how it felt like it was being eaten alive on the inside. Yesterday certainly didn’t shock us buildings, when we heard 15 finally ended it. 15 is not in pain anymore and that is all that matters.”


The eaten inside feeling can be explained as workers had been already doing demolition work on the inside of 15 Carolina Lane before it collapsed.


As of 11:59 p.m. last night the coroners had yet to rule 15 Carolina Lane’s death as a suicide.  The Asheville Fire Department did not recover a suicide note at the scene as they dug through the rubble for potential victims.  No one was injured in the collapse.


15 Carolina Lane lived to be 96-years-old. Downtown Asheville buildings plan on remembering 15 Carolina Lane by engaging in a moment of silence tomorrow at noon. So if the buildings are extra quiet tomorrow, now you know why.

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