Farm Burger A ok, but not Asheville’s best burger yet

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I strolled into Farm Burger Asheville for the first time last night.

I ordered the burger pictured above, which is the No. 5, a burger topped with pine street bacon pimento onion marmalade, looking glass creamery goat cheese, and arugula. The burger’s ingredients were super fresh, the burger was perfectly cooked, and plenty juicy,  but the richness of the looking glass creamery goat cheese was a little overwhelming. I will have to try a burger without the goat cheese next time to see how Farm Burger matches up with my favorite burger in town which is UJoint’s Steinbeck Burger, a burger topped with pimento cheese, bacon, and jalapenos. (Granted UJoint’s atmosphere, patio, and tater tots may raise the profile of the Steinbeck in my mind)

Pro tip- Do not order the bucket of fries at Farm Burger for $2.50. The fries that come with the burger in the basket for $1.50 is the same size or bigger than the bucket. My roommate fell for that last night.

My roommate however did love his build your own burger which included chili, a fried egg, and Wisconsin cheddar.

What is your favorite burger in town?

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