Filmdrunk writer writes haiku response to James Franco’s Asheville poem “Obama in Asheville”

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In case you didn’t know James Franco wrote a poem for Yahoo entitled “Obama in Asheville” for President Obama’s inauguration.  You can watch and read the whole thing here.


I’m no expert in poetry, but I found Franco’s piece not very stimulating and apparently so did other folks. Filmdrunk writer Vince Mancini wrote the following lol worthy haiku about Franco’s poem:


I asked Obama
How to deal with my haters
“Jokes, my dear Dicknose.”


But what should I say?
I asked the old professor.
F*ck it, burritos.


I called my friend Frank
Francis Ford Coppola as
he’s known to normals.


Dear Class, it’s Franco
Go watch Apocalypse Now
My friend Frank made it


“Professor Franco,”
they said, “but we’ve seen this film.”
Haha, whatever.


Christopher Hitchens
Was a cool dude. I met him
at Claire Danes’ house once


“I’m from Spiderman,”
I said. “I read to Borges,”
he said. Let’s bro hug.


Do your other profs
Know Chris Hitchens as “Big Chris?”
I doubt it, pay me.


Knockers against me, haha.
Barack loves tit jokes


Wonder if Cromwell
Ever partied with Shakespeare.
Something to ponder.


For more of Mancini’s take on Franco click here.


Now wasn’t that nice? I wish I understood poetry. What did you think of Franco’s inauguration poem?

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