Former Ingles employee, current Trader Joe’s employee Joe aptly named Trader Joe by former coworkers

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ASHEVILLE- Joe Engle just wants to smoke weed and work a job that is way below his potential just like everybody else in this town.


But no, apparently once you take one low responsibility job you have to stay loyal to that job at least according to Joe’s friends.


After leaving Ingles last week to take a job with the new Trader Joe’s that opened on Merrimon Avenue this morning, Joe has been aptly named by his former coworkers and friends Trader Joe.


“Everybody thinks they are a comic these days,” said Joe.


“As wearing a Hawaiian shirt and pretending to be excited about natural almonds that are shipped from a thousand miles away isn’t embarrassing enough. No they just have to rub it. Well let me tell you the next time they come over to smoke, I’m keeping the bong to myself, man.”


Joe’s family and friends have been berating Joe with trader jokes all week and Joe says there is no end in sight.


“There all like ‘I can’t believe you pulled an Edward Snowden on Ingles, Trader Joe. What’s next you going to run to Russia, Trader Joe?” said Joe.


“And I’m all like, ‘shut up Billy, you can’t run to Russia there is an ocean in the way man, what an idiot.’ The jokes have gotten so bad I have considered going back to work for Sitel. But no amount of weed gets you through the work day there, man.”


Joe hopes with the prospect of being a constant hook up for Two Buck Chuck that his former coworkers and friends may eventually change their mind about his new nickname. But until then Joe is going to try to wear his nickname with the same pride as he does his Trader Joe’s Hawaiian shirt and hope to God no one else he knows sees him.

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