FOX green lights new Polygamist dating show Binders Full of Women

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LOS ANGELES- Hey men are you tired of searching for the one?


Do you find meeting, talking, learning more about, and dating women tiresome?


Do you think it would be selfish of you to offer all you have to give to just one woman?


Well FOX has the dating show for you.


FOX green lighted a new Polygamist dating show Binders Full of Women this past week.


Binders Full of Women is a dating show that will help men, who embrace a polygamist lifestyle, find the right hen house of chicks to fulfill their desires. Contestants will be faced with the task of choosing between three binders. Each binder will have the names and information of seven different women and at the end of the show the contestant will pick a binder with seven women, which he wishes to marry.


FOX developed the new dating show after GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney mentioned binders full of women in last week’s presidential debate.


“The internet just lit up with binders full of women references and we at FOX brainstormed how we could take advantage of that momentum,” said Kevin Reily, President of Fox.


“The show’s concept is brilliant. Viewers’ biggest complaint about current reality dating shows is having to listen to the mouth’s on some of these women. We decided to embrace the Romney approach to this show, which are women shall be seen but not heard.”


Each binder will include women, who hold valuable woman qualities such as the ability to cook, clean, sew, give birth, open beers, and raise children. However, each binder will also include one wildcard woman, who defies their biological mission.


“These wildcard women misbehavior will really throw these contestants for a loop,” said Reily.


“This season we have one wildcard, who insists on having a job outside the home. We also have a wildcard, who wishes to go back to school. We even have a wildcard that insists the man wears a condom during the act of intercourse. Binders Full of Women will be must watch television.”


The Binders Full of Women elimination process will be similar to the Bachelor, except contestants will award aprons to the binders they still wish to pursue instead of roses.


Binders Full of Women will premiere in January of 2013. FOX will also premiere The 47 Percent in January, a sitcom about 47 percent of Americans forced to work without government assistance for the first time in their lives.

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