Ghost starting to feel like he is invisible seeks help from therapist

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ASHEVILLE- You ever wonder if you were to go missing tomorrow would anybody notice?


Thomas Wolfe a 74-year-old poltergeist floats around Downtown Asheville often, but feels like no one really notices him as of late. So to improve his self-esteem Wolfe has acquired the help of acclaimed psychologist Dr. Malcom Crowe.


“I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t feel whole anymore,” said Wolfe.


“Here I am strolling the streets of Asheville and I just let people walk right through me. I’m just like hello can anybody see me right now? Do I not exist anymore? I’m hoping Crowe can improve my outlook on life. I just feel invisible right now.”


Dr. Crowe is a Philadelphia based child psychologist, who began working with ghosts and their self-esteem in 1999.


“I know it is hard to believe, but some ghosts forget that they are invisible to the average person and can only be seen by a few gifted individuals,” said Crowe.


“Unfortunately not every ghost can be fortunate enough to have an Oda Mae Brown in their life to communicate to the world with. But I think there is hope for Mr. Wolfe yet, after all he is just as attractive as Patrick Swayze.”


Wolfe seeks to find a place where he is comfortable with his own invisibility.


“Right now even though people can’t see me, I tend to make people uncomfortable,” said Wolfe.


“I make the room go cold and everyone shivers. The Marble Slab is the only place I can hang out at where people feel comfortable around me. I guess it does feel good that I’m keeping the Marble Slab’s electricity bills down.”


Wolfe is currently scheduled to see Dr. Crowe three times per week. Wolfe before his death was an acclaimed American novelist but finds writing rather pointless as a ghost.


“The only people that can read my new work are fellow ghosts,” said Wolfe.


“We’ve all seen Casper and that kid although cute, isn’t very bright. I need to find a way to cope with my current existence and I’m hoping Dr. Crowe can help me do that.”


Wolfe did try seeking other assistance before contacting Dr. Crowe. Wolfe tried getting assistance from Asheville ghost hunter Josh Warren. However according to Wolfe, Warren insisted on mounting him over his living room mantle, a proposal Wolfe was not too fond of.

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