Hall Fletcher School adopts year round schedule: Asheville mom not looking forward to dealing with kids every 9 weeks

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ASHEVILLE- A parent’s love is said to be unconditional.


But that doesn’t mean that prevents such parent from admitting their children are a big pain in the ass.


Asheville mom Nancy Rider knows her kids are a big pain in the ass and that is why Rider is not looking forward to Hall Fletcher School’s adoption of a year round schedule.


“Oh the thought of seeing my kids more often is just unbearable,” said Rider.


“I have a hard enough time getting them to play outside during the summer. How in the world and I’m going to convince them to play outside during fall and winter breaks? I’m going to start stocking on ibuprofen now.”


Hall Fletcher will go to a year round schedule starting in 2014

Hall Fletcher will go to a year round schedule starting in 2014

The Asheville School Board approved the creation of a “balanced calendar” for Hall Fletcher beginning in the summer of 2014. The “balanced calendar” includes a six-week summer, plus three-week fall, winter, and spring breaks between nine-week periods.


The “balanced calendar” approach is touted as a way to improve student test scores.


But Rider asks what about the sanity of parents?


“I use the school year to hibernate like a bear, so I can deal with the craziness of the summer,” said Rider.


“Momma bear needs her sleep. Now you are going to mess with my sleep schedule? Oh my poor husband.”


Rider though admits she is lucky as a stay at home mom.


“I can’t imagine trying to schedule day care to fit the new schedule,” said Rider.


“I may have a headache more often, but at least my wallet won’t be suffering.”


To prepare for the 2014 transition Rider has enrolled herself into several yoga and meditation courses. Rider admits that it is probably not healthy to consider her kids a huge pain in the ass and wants to learn how to embrace the pain her kids bestow upon her.


“You would think the pain from labor would be enough?” said Rider.


“But no, they just have to constantly test mommy’s patience. Maybe it will get better when they are teenagers. Haha, who am I kidding?”

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