Local Laughs for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue comedy show tonight

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Tonight Laugh Your Asheville Off has an unofficial start to the festival with a comedy show for a cause. Ten local comics will be performing at the Magnetic Field at 8:00 p.m.  Tickets are just $10 and all proceeds from the door will go directly to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.


A little about Brother Wolf Animal Rescue:


Here at Brother Wolf, we rescue dogs and puppies, cats and kittens from local shelters, owner surrenders, and those who are strays. By taking these animals into our homes, we are able to provide them with a loving, nurturing environment where we can learn a lot about a particular pet.  We get a good feel for what an ideal family would be for a particular pet, because we spend so much time with them.  In addition to all the emotional care we provide, all of our pets are treated for any pre-existing medical conditions, such as heartworms or broken bones, and are spayed/neutered.


Tonights’s lineup:


Comedian Ben Atkins




Host Ben Atkins

Atkins runs his own comedy room Tomato Tuesdays monthly at Jack of the Wood and is the host of AshevilleFM.org show Your Only Option, which airs Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m.



Comedian Minori Hinds




Minori Hinds

Hinds runs a comedy show at Bobo Gallery and DJs around town.





Comedian Art Sturtevant


Art Sturtevant

From Art’s Bio: It was the dawn of time — the early 1980’s. DeLoreans and mullets roamed the Earth. And Art Sturtevant was doing stand up comedy. It was a golden age — a time of laughter and Ginsu Knife jokes and Lee Trevino imitations, but it ended suddenly in 1985. What happened? Some say he was frozen in a liquid nitrogen accident. Others say he took a series of field management jobs with national corporations. Just as suddenly as he’d disappeared, Art surfaced again in the open mic venues of 2010.



Comedian Pat Hinson



Pat Hinson

Hinson is also a regular at comedy shows at Bobo Gallery and probably has gone through the most dramatic facial hair transformation since I started paying attention to the Asheville comedy scene.




Comedian Grayson Morris




Grayson Morris

Morris has performed at a variety of venues around town including the Magnetic Field, Bobo Gallery, and the PULP.




Comedian Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan

From Morgan’s Bio: Started in Asheville and has played to audiences in North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, South Carolina and Michigan. His engaging comedy of real life absurdities, mixed with a little of the ordinary captivates his audiences. He has performed in venues such as Asheville’s Pulp Lounge, Athena’s, The Coffee Underground, along with several showcases in New York. Along with his standup comedy he engages in comedy screenwriting and is currently working on filming a comedy video short in New York. He also posts podcasts interviewing and showcasing some of Asheville’s comedy scene.




Comedian Sean David Robinson



Sean David Robinson

From Robinson’s Bio: Sean David Robinson is a comedian, actor and writer living and working in Asheville, NC. He was voted Best Comedian of Western North Carolina in 2011 by the readers of Asheville’s “Mountain XPress.” His favorite song is Golden Earring’s ‘Radar Love.” You two probably wouldn’t get along.





Comedian Allie Steinhoff




Allie Steinhoff

Steinhoff runs her open comedy open mic every Saturday at Wall Street Coffee House. Allie is on more show lineups around town than she is not.





Comedian Tom Peters



Tom Peters

Tom Peters recently opened for Joe Zimmerman at the LAB on May 1st and headlined a recent Slice of Life show. Locals may know Peters better as a member of the Asheville band The Critters




Comedian Cody Hughes




Cody Hughes

You really never know what is going to happen when Hughes takes the stage, but he is definitely funny. His ability to go off on a tangent at any given moment leaves both the audience and those who see him perform consistently constantly guessing what is going to happen next.  Hughes has opened for Lewis Black and has performed as part of the TBS College Comedy Competition.

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