Local Mom concerned Recycle Asheville’s ‘Cookie Monster’ Recycling Bins may promote childhood obesity

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ASHEVILLE- Natasha Rollins usually isn’t in favor of throwing an item in the trash, especially if she can recycle the item instead.


But when it comes to Recycle Asheville’s logo of a Cookie Monster recycling bin, Rollins wants to throw that logo straight into the trash.


Will this environmentally conscious campaign make kids fat?

Will this environmentally conscious campaign make kids fat?

“I respect what Recycle Asheville is trying to do, but this Cookie Monster recycling bin is downright deplorable,” said Rollins, a 38-year-old Asheville resident and mother of two.


“Childhood obesity is becoming a growing problem in the U.S. and this depiction of Cookie Monster eating cookies is only going to make that problem worse. Kids are going to see that and say, ‘hey this environmentally conscious contraption is eating cookies. I like the environment. I like cookies. I should eat cookies, because I want to help the environment.’ Kids are so analytical these days and it is just making them fat.”


Rollins suggests Recycling Asheville should either replace Cookie Monster with a blueberry character or other healthy blue food like water. Rollins says she would even be fine with Cookie Monster, as long as Recycling Asheville feeds Cookie Monster with some organic vegetables.


“I totally understand why Recycle Asheville’s logo couldn’t be Cookie Monster eating aluminum cans,” said Rollins.


“After all we don’t want our kids eating aluminum cans. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t raise goats. Although I’m pretty sure I read somewhere aluminum is a healthy mineral, the kiddos would probably cut themselves while trying to chow down on a Diet Coke can.”


Captain Planet's number one nemesis, Betsy's gas

Captain Planet’s number one nemesis, Betsy’s gas

A representative with Recycling Asheville, Captain Planet was unavailable for comment regarding the logo. Captain Planet said he was too busy trying to prevent cows from farting. Cow gas or methane is the number two contributor of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.


Recycling Asheville is a recent movement to get City Council to prioritize recycling bins in downtown Asheville and to be recycling by 2014. You can find more about Recycling Asheville here or contact Ty Hallock of Top Floor Studios, who has organized the movement.


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  1. Seriously! This woman is delusional! If you don’t want your children being fat it is “Your job” to see that it doesn’t happen. It is not societies job to raise your children.

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  2. It isn’t Cookie Monster that is making our children fat…. It’s us, as parents, letting them sit in front of the television or video game all day. Cookie Monster has been a part of childhood since the onset of Sesame Street. If you don’t want fat kids, monitor their diet and daily activity. Don’t cop out and blame a puppet.

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  3. You Got to be kidding me? This lady has gone all wonky or something!!!!

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