WNC Nature Center’s Cotsworld Sheep doesn’t understand how Asheville mayor fasting will save home

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ASHEVILLE- Mayor Terry Bellamy has pledged to fast and pray for 24 days as a solution to solve a $6 million budget gap the city of Asheville faces due to cuts from the state legislature.


Items possibly on the chopping block include the WNC Nature Center, city pools, and Saturday bus service.


But while WNC Nature Center’s Costworld sheep Dolly appreciates that the mayor has become one less predator she has to worry about, overall Dolly thinks the mayor’s plan to fast to save Dolly’s home is a ‘baaahhhd’ idea.


“It sure is easy to fast for 24 days, when you have nothing on the line and are privileged in the first place,” said Dolly.


“But if the mayor cuts my home I may be fasting for a lot longer than 24 days. I mean I do have a few pounds to shed before shearing weather gets here, but I wanted to lose those pounds through jumping through humans’ brains before bed, not starvation.”


Closing the nature center would save the city $450,000.


Dolly has no faith that Bellamy’s fast will provide results that would save her home. So instead Dolly is looking for other jobs just in case the likely scenario of the nature center closing takes place.


Could this be Dolly's new gig due to city budget cuts?

Could this be Dolly’s new gig due to city budget cuts?

“The fast will be good for the mayor, but it won’t help us animals,” said Dolly.


“The mayor will probably lose a few pounds, but I will still be out of a home. I applied with Serta Mattress to be the new spokesperson. I know its kind of cliché but I have mouths to feed and I have to take whatever I can get in this tough economy.”


The City Council will host a community budget meeting Thursday at 6 p.m. at Charles T. Koontz Intermediate School to allow the public to give input on some of the proposed cuts.


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