Man who still giggles immaturely at ‘Vagina’ almost dies of laughter

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LANSING, MICH- Michigan Democratic state Rep. Lisa Brown found herself in the spotlight after mentioning the word ‘vagina’ while opposing an anti-abortion bill on the House floor. Subsequently Brown was barred from speaking during debate the following day for using a word that House Republicans deemed as ‘vulgar’ and ‘disrespectful’


The incident sparked a social media frenzy as users took to the internet to express their take on the vagina controversy.  But one Michigan man was unexpectedly thrust into the reproductive fray.


Dane Anderson, a 26-year-old, resident of Lansing, Mich, was rushed to the hospital Friday after doctors say Anderson passed out due to what can only be described as suffering from extreme fits of laughter.


“Normally when I hear that word (vagina) my face slowly turns red and I giggle,” said Anderson.


“Usually I don’t come across it (vagina) very often but last week people were just giving it up left and right. People were talking about it on Facebook and Twitter, and almost every news anchor was talking about it. My immaturity was almost the death of me, but I can’t help it. It’s a very funny word.”


Paramedics resuscitated Anderson on the way to the hospital. Anderson explained what it was like to almost laugh to death.


“I was on my knees laughing, then suddenly I couldn’t breathe,” said Anderson.


“It was scary and than I began to cry uncontrollably and I thought that was hilarious, so I went into another manic fit of laughter. The last thing I saw was stars and passed out.”


Although doctors can’t seem to explain why the word vagina is funny, they do say it is possible to die from laughing too hard. Laughter activates the part of the brain that’s responsible for the flight or fight response to threats in the wild. The activation releases a natural chemical adrenaline, which in high doses can be toxic to various organs, in particular the heart.


The Donkey that killed Chrysippus

Thanks to paramedics Anderson failed to become the third recordable case of death caused by laughter in the world. The Greek philosopher Chrysippus was said to have died from laughing after getting his donkey drunk on wine and recently, a Danish audiologist died laughing in 1989 while watching “A Fish Called Wanda.”


Anderson’s recent near death experience from hearing the word vagina is now being utilized as a political tool by Michigan House Republicans. Republican Rep. Mick Callton, who previously criticized Rep. Brown for using vagina, calling it ‘offensive’ spoke late Saturday.


“It’s pretty clear that today we can say we were on the right side of history,” said Callton.


“A young man almost died after hearing ‘vagina,’ clearly that is a word that should not be used in public. If you want to use that word in your free time by all means, but do not flaunt it in our faces. When a woman doesn’t know how to use vagina properly, then its up to the man to take matters into his own hands.”


Rep. Brown was unavailable for comment Sunday.

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