Missed Asheville on Food Network’s Rebel Eats? Watch it online and find out what I thought about it

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Asheville was featured on Food Network’s Rebel Eats this past Saturday with Food Network Star Justin Warner. You can watch the full episode here.


The Pisgah Brewery and  the Blind Pig portion of the show starts around the 15 minute mark. You can also watch a clip of Justin’s visit to Ultimate Ice Cream here, which unfortunately did not make the episode.



I’m down with the snout, now who wants to donate to the Citizen Thymes so I can afford the snout? Yeah I’m talking to you!

After watching this episode it confirmed my desire to attend a Blind Pig event soon. For my friends bachelor party we decided to get a little tipsy and create our own Asheville food crawl Saturday night at places like Wicked Weed, The Southern, and Seven Sows Bourbon & Larder. Mike Moore of Blind Pig is doing some pretty amazing things already at the newly open Seven Sows. The buttermilk hushpuppy basket with hot pimento cheese and the crispy fried chicken livers at Seven Sows blew us away! I could bathe in that pimento cheese bro, no joke. So yeah Blind Pig sign me up, because I want to attend a Moore hosted party.


I hope the Food Network continues Rebel Eats, Justin is pretty funny and the show’s vibe kind of  reminds me of a similar show the Cooking Channel tried to do with New York chef Eddie Huang. Thankfully Vice picked up where the Cooking Channel left off, Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat is my favorite food show airing today.



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