Mr. Frog’s Soul and Creole Kitchen a gut buster I’ll go 12 rounds with

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I’ve wanted to try Mr. Frog’s Soul and Creole kitchen for a long time now. I finally had the opportunity this past week.


Right away when you walk into Mr. Frog’s makes you feel at home. The small space, combined with the décor and lighting made me feel like I was about to appreciate a meal from my momma. But momma ain’t got shit on Mr. Frog’s.


I ordered the Shimp and Living Grits with a side of Mac and Cheese.


Mr. Frog’s Shrimp and Living Grits


The portions are huge and for a right price. You better brace your stomach for a prize fight. The Shrimp and Living grits set me back just $13.00.


The grits were creamy and provided a nice contrast to the spicy Tasso gravy. The gravy had just the right kick and the individual ingredients all were their own stars. The bits of ham….oh damn son! I’ve never tasted ham so good, almost better than bacon. The tomatoes provided a nice acidic burst of relief from the spices. And the shrimp wasn’t half bad either.


Mr. Frog’s Mac and Cheese


The Mac and Cheese was pretty tasty. But I could only take a couple bites because the Shrimp and Living Grits round house kicked my stomach.


You may leave Mr. Frog’s holding your stomach, but it will be one of the better pains in life. I can’t way until I get another opportunity to loosen the ole belt to take in Mr. Frog’s goodness.


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