NASA refuses to comment on whether new Asheville Biltmore Park Town Square sign could be visible from space

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ASHEVILLE- The Asheville City Council approved Biltmore Park Town Squares’ request to add a second sign Tuesday.


The second sign is an attempt to draw in new customers and retailers off of Interstate 26.


“We find our customer base has no idea how to use GPS, the internet, or a compass, so the signs are the best way to draw them in,” said an anonymous source with Biltmore Park Town Square.


“The beautiful part about the signs is you don’t even have to have the ability to read to know there is something huge happening here.”


The second sign measuring 962 square feet will be about three-quarters the size of the existing sign. The two signs together measure more than 2,260 square feet and over 6 times the size of an average billboard.


But just how visible will the two signs be?


Asheville resident Ann Lewis speculated last week the signs are so large one could view them form outer space.


But NASA refused to comment late Wednesday whether the retail signs could be a welcome message for visitors outside this planet.


“I’m just not sure a Barnes & Noble sign would be so inviting for extraterrestrial life, the company has a hard enough time drawing in the human species,” said Bill Crawl, a media spokesperson for NASA.


“Will the signs be visible from space? As you may know NASA hasn’t had the best funding in recent years and at this time we cannot afford to calculate whether the signs would be visible from space. However, we can ship you a case of complimentary astronaut ice cream as long as you pay for shipping.”


NASA’s refusal to calculate whether or not the signs are visible from space means humanity will just have to wait for ET to land here, so we can ask ET directly about the signs’ visibility. Our reporter tried calling ET directly, but the operator said the phone line was disconnected. ET must of forgot to pay its’ phone bill again.


In the meantime order yourself some astronaut ice cream, kick back, and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing signage of Biltmore Park Town Square. You have to hand it to the developers for going out of their way to making the signs look so much bigger than an average billboard. Kinko’s can’t even blow up images that big.


Large is art, people. After all why would people travel from all over the world to see the largest ball of twine or the largest frying pan, if large wasn’t art?

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