NC Democratic Party issues elected officials flashcards on how to vote

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RALEIGH- The North Carolina Democratic Party took steps Friday to ensure a wrong vote is never cast again.


After the legislature successfully overrode Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of a fracking bill by one vote, due to Rep. Becky Carney, a Democrat from Mecklenburg County, who opposes fracking pushed the wrong button and accidentally voted with Republicans to override the veto.


The Democratic Party handed out how to vote flashcards to all of their party’s elected members in the North Carolina legislature.


NC Democratic Party How To Vote Flashcards

The flashcard deck only consists of two cards. One card features a green frog, with the caption ‘Green = Yes.’ The other card features a red whale, with the caption ‘Red = No.’


“Our party members work hard, so we didn’t want to overwhelm them with study material,” said David Parker, chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party.


“All we are really asking is for our members to remember two things. I hope they are able to memorize the flashcards, so a voting mistake is never made again.”


Rep. Becky Carney realized she made a voting error as soon as she cast her vote for the fracking bill. Carney called the House Speaker Thom Tillis over her microphone to change her vote, but Tillis refused saying it violated House rules.


Under state law, lawmakers can change their vote if they make a mistake, unless their vote changes the outcome. If Carney’s vote had changed, the override of the veto would have failed.


The North Carolina Democratic Party has advised Carney to tape her flashcards on the appropriate button, while voting in the future.


Do you know how to vote for this thing?

“The recommendation may come off as insulting, but we beg to differ,” said Parker.


“Even Will Smith needed to tape directions to the alien spacecraft in Independence Day to remember how to fly it. Rep. Carney is our Will Smith, but she may have made saving the world a little bit harder by voting for fracking.”


Meanwhile, Tillis defended his decision Sunday, on not allowing Carney to change her vote.


“Look the rules are the rules and they can’t be broken,” said Tillis.


“Besides democracy is based on voting mistakes. How do you think I got elected?”


Carney was unavailable for comment.

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