NCDOT battling mudslides, Asheville woman doesn’t see the big deal, really likes a stiff drink every now and then

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ASHEVILLE- Heavy rainfalls lead to multiple mudslides throughout Western North Carolina last week.


NCDOT is working to clean up mudslides, but Powers wants in on the action

NCDOT is working to clean up mudslides, but Powers wants in on the action

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is working hard to clear the debris to get the roads back open as quickly as possible.


But Asheville resident Deidra Powers doesn’t understand the rush to clean up the mudslides.


“I personally enjoy mudslides,” said Powers.


“Mudslides are a pretty stiff drink and they go down pretty smooth. Sure mudslides pack a lot of calories, but in moderation should be fine.”


Powers has written a letter to the NCDOT offering assistance in helping clean up the mudslides.


Power's planned uniform for mudslide cleaning

Power’s planned uniform for mudslide cleaning

“I’ve cleaned up a mudslide or two in my day,” said Powers.


“I’m somewhat of a mudslide aficionado. I would love to serve my state by cleaning up some mudslides, as long as the state of North Carolina is willing to pay for my hangover supplies.”


Powers has yet to hear back from NCDOT. In the meantime Powers plans on training for her cleaning duties by drinking a mudslide every hour.

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