NCGA permits gun silencers, Asheville deer looking forward to quiet hunting season

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ASHEVILLE- Your neighbors have finally given up on celebrating the 4th of July nearly 27 days later, congratulations peaceful silence has once again embraced your neighborhood.


But imagine having to deal with the noise of fireworks going off for another two months, sounds like fun right?


Well that is exactly what Asheville deer have to deal with every time hunting season comes rolling around.


That is why news of the North Carolina General Assembly passing gun legislation that allows hunters to install noise suppressors on their rifles and shotguns has left Asheville deer with the hope of getting some much needed shut eye come October.


“It’s about damn time, imagine trying to take a power nap with thunder going off in your ear,” said Bambie.


“Have you ever tried getting your fawn to bed in the middle of a gun range? Well it’s not pleasant. I call the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission every year to file a noise complaint, but nobody ever does anything about it.  Thank Santa Clause’s Sleigh, our representatives finally did something about all this noise.”


For Bambie’s son BJ the silencer gun bill however comes one year too late. BJ lost his hearing in the midst of last year’s hunting season.


“You know how hard it is to sign with hooves?” said Bambie.


“I’m just glad my grandfawns don’t have to worry about what my son is currently going through.”


However, not every deer is happy with the new legislation. White Tail, CEO and inventor of the DeerMuff 3000, earmuffs for deers trying to extinguish sound of gunshots during hunting season, worries that the new legislation may sink his company.


“North Carolina Republicans ran on a platform this past fall to create jobs and I don’t know how this bill creates jobs,” said White Tail.


“How am I supposed to sell my product now? I have fawns to feed for Santa Clause’s sake. It seems the NCGA is in the business of putting businesses out of business.”

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