Now that Super Bowl is over, Asheville family thinks it might be time to put away Christmas tree

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ASHEVILLE- If your Christmas tree is decorated with football ornaments, surely you can’t put the tree away until football season is over.


At least that is what one Asheville family thinks.


“Who says you can only celebrate Jesus’s birthday for a set amount of time?” said Teresa Jones, a 45-year-old West Asheville resident.


“First, our tree is so pretty and it would be a shame to only have it up one month a year. Second, our Christmas tree is covered in footballs. Now granted the footballs are Carolina Panther footballs, but someday we are going to put this tree away with the Super Bowl champions hanging on our tree. Yes pigs do fly. Not to mention taking down the tree is a big pain in the ass.”


The Jones’s decision to put away their Christmas tree on February 4 sets a personal family record. Usually the Jones family doesn’t put away the tree until after Valentines Day.


“We usually have hearts on the tree, so of course we have to give Cupid his day,” said Jones.


“This year our cats tore them down and I was too lazy to put them back on. Perhaps next year we will buy some shamrock ornaments and then we can have the tree up through March. My mom suggested I add American flags that way we could keep the tree up through July. But Christmas in July is plain crazy.”


The Jones’s tree is on a rolling platform. When they are ready to put the tree away they roll it down the hall and stuff it into the hall closet.


Jenni Jones, Teresa’s 16-year-old daughter, is excited to be able to invite her friends back over, now that the Christmas tree has been put away.


Terry Jones, husband of Teresa, would like to put the tree away a lot sooner every year, but lets it slide, because he still wants to play poker with his buddies every Tuesday evening.

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