Pelted with water balloons, Asheville man looks to develop drones for Battle of the Bywater water balloon fight 2014

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ASHEVILLE- Downtown Asheville resident Joe Mande may have lost the second annual Battle of the Bywater after being pelted with multiple water balloons, but Mande refuses to lose the war.


Despite defeat, Mande is preparing a winning strategy to win the Battle of the Bywater 2014 via unmanned aerial vehicles with the capacity to drop hundreds of water balloons on unsuspecting H2O militants.


“World War II was ended with air power, air power will once again rule the day in the Battle of the Bywater 2014,” said Mande.


“Some people call me crazy developing drones just for the purpose of winning a water balloon fight, but I absolutely refuse to drive home in wet boxers ever again. It has been three days and I’m still chaffing.”


Four thousand biodegradable water balloons were thrown this past Saturday at the Battle of the Bywater held at the Bywater. Mande was on the receiving in of several balloons, which has sent him over the edge according to his roommate Steven Nash.


“Joe just hasn’t been the same since Saturday,” said Nash.


“He is more afraid of water than a household cat. He jumps every time somebody turns a faucet on. He hasn’t bathed since Saturday, the smell is really starting to impact our friendship.”


Mande has started building a prototype drone in the living room of his apartment, blue prints of which he ordered from some Russians via the Internet.


“Normally your roommate building a drone in your living room is a sign you should probably move out,” said Nash.


“But Joe didn’t even pass high school Algebra, there is no way he is going to be able to build this drone. I just wish he would shower. Besides you think I’m going to move out with the risk of my new roommate being a yoga instructor? I don’t think so.”


In case you missed the Battle of the Bywater this past weekend you can watch footage of it in the video below:

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