PETA calls for Asheville Councilman Bothwell’s resignation after insensitive remark regarding bull penises

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PETA calls for Asheville Councilman Bothwell’s resignation after insensitive remark regarding bull penises


ASHEVILLE- Last Thursday’s City Council candidate forum ended with candidate Johnathan Wainscott getting his feelings hurt after current council member Cecil Bothwell called him a liar in regards to Wainscott’s proposal to bottle and sell Asheville City water.


Wainscott responded by shouting and telling Bothwell that all he has is ‘sanctimonious bullshit.’


Apologies have been exchanged and made public since to various groups including the West Asheville Business Association who hosted the forum, but according to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) one group that matters still has not received the apology it deserves.


PETA is calling for Bothwell’s resignation after he used the term ‘bull dinky’ in the exchange with Wainscott this past Thursday, a term PETA says is insensitive towards bulls since it refers to, according to Urban Dictionary ‘a tiny bull penis.’


“How would Mr. Bothwell like it if we called his manhood small?” said Ingrid E. Newkirk, cofounder of PETA.


“The bull does not get the option to hide its inadequate manhood behind a zipper like so many human males get too. It’s already bad enough the bull has to dangle its inadequacies for the world to see, but to just call attention to it is wrong. Does Mr. Bothwell not care about the plight of bulls in this country? It’s bad enough the bulls already have to deal with people, who take the phrase, ‘take the bull by the horns’ seriously. The number of Texans, who just try to grab the bull by the horns, would surprise you and it is not pleasurable for the bulls.”


Bothwell used the term ‘bull dinky’ after Wainscott rejected Bothwell’s claim New Belgium decided to build a second location in Asheville for the water quality and Wainscott instead insisted the move was a result of incentive payments.


Bothwell then responded, ‘Excuse me. Bull dinky.”


“What Mr. Bothwell fails to realize is bulls have feelings just like you and I,” said Newkirk.


“Why didn’t he just say, ‘Johnathan, excuse me you have a small penis.’ No need to drag bulls into this. What did they do to you other than deliver Michael Jordan six NBA championships?”


Bothwell did not have a chance to respond to PETA’s allegations late Wednesday night, but it appears Bothwell has no plans to step down anytime soon.


PETA was asked why they didn’t also call for the resignation of Wainscott from the city council race after Wainscott used the term ‘sanctimonious bullshit.’


“Come on, even bulls know their shit stinks,” said Newkirk.


“Sanctimonious? Now I don’t know about that.”

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