Possible ban on Asheville Topless rally has Asheville man concerned he may have to go to strip club instead

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ASHEVILLE- A ban proposed by Buncome Rep. Tim Moffitt on public female toplessness under the state’s indecent exposure laws could cost some Asheville citizens some extra cash.


The ban would make the Go Topless rally held in Downtown Asheville illegal, eliminating a free source of entertainment for one Asheville man.


People gather in Downtown Asheville to take in Go Topless rally

People gather in Downtown Asheville to take in Go Topless rally

“Look I get to look at female anatomy for free once a year and now the state wants to take that away from me?” said Darryl Nash, a 43-year-old Downtown Asheville resident.


“I tell you what this state is turning into a tyranny more and more every day. My ex-wife use to show her breasts for free the first ten years of our marriage, but the last three of years of the marriage, I paid my soul. I guess it is true what they say, nothing is free anymore.”


Nash says by eliminating the rally, the state will be adversely impacting the Downtown Asheville economy.


“The Go Topless rally was the one day of the week I would skip going to the Treasure Club,” said Nash.


“Instead I would save my money, attend the rally, and then let my intake of public nudity settle with a nice lunch downtown. No more topless rally, no more lunch downtown. I guess the Treasure Club will just get my money 365 days a year instead of 364.”


Nash speculates he can’t be the only person, who sacrifices going to the strip club for a day to take in free nudity at the topless rally.


This reporter can’t help but think how much money Nash would save by investing in online porn instead, but good for Nash for stimulating the local economy. We need more patriots like Nash, who are willing to sacrifice his wallet for the good of the Asheville economy.


Rep. Tim Moffitt was too busy getting his Twitter account hacked to give a comment.

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