Romney misspelling boosts support among tea party members

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WASHINGTON, D.C.- GOP nominee Mitt Romney has struggled connecting with conservatives in the Republican Party. Romney especially has struggled connecting with the Tea Party due to his previous policy positions such as Romneycare.


But a political gaffe this past week has solidified his support among both the most conservative members in the GOP and members of the Tea Party.


Romney’s campaign released the candidate’s first smartphone app last week that included a misspelling that read “A Better Amercia.”


Most political experts believed the gaffe wouldn’t have much impact on the upcoming November election. But according to the most recent MSNBC/Fox News poll the gaffe has scored Romney huge support among both conservatives and Tea Party members.


The recent poll indicates 75% of Tea Party members are now enthused about Romney as a presidential candidate, compared to last month’s poll where only 35% of members were enthused about a Romney ticket.


Misspelling boosts Romney’s approval ratings among Tea Party members

“Whether intentional or not the misspelling has somehow connected Romney with Tea Party voters,” said Tucker Degrassi, a political scientist at UNC Asheville State. “The misspelling may have carried momentum among those members because they often make a plethora of spelling mistakes with their signs at rallies and conventions.”


Tea Party members at rallies often have trouble spelling words such as “moron,” “socialism,” “illegal,” and other words you may learn how to spell in the fourth grade.


The same MSNBC/Fox News poll indicates support among conservatives has increased as well as 80% of conservatives are now enthused about a Romney ticket. The same poll showed last month just 60% of conservatives were enthused about Romney as a candidate.


“I think the polls reflect what we have known a long time about the GOP, you can’t be smart and win the GOP nomination or at least you can’t show that you’re smart,” said Degrassi. “John Huntsman was probably the best candidate when this race first started but he showed constituents that he thinks too much before making decisions. Romney had the same problem among voters until this week.”


The GOP has been a champion of the less intelligent for some time. Farleigh Dickinson University recently released a study that indicates watching Fox News actually makes you stupid. Sara Robinson of AlterNet wrote an article this last month how conservative worldviews crush critical thinking.


“The recent numbers shouldn’t be a surprise. The GOP prides itself in cutting education at the state level and destroying the Department of Education at the federal level,” said Degrassi. “Now we should be surprised they have difficulty spelling remedial words? George W. Bush was their president for eight years that should explain everything.”


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