Shaving advocates rally for right to bare arms in Asheville’s Pack Square Saturday, surprised by turnout

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ASHEVILLE- Standing up for what you believe in can be a hairy situation.


But Andrew Kaufman had no idea so many of his fellow residents felt the same way he did about the right to bare arms, before Saturday’s rally in Pack Square.



Over 100 people gathered Saturday in Asheville for the right to bare arms

“I just never knew there was so many of us bare arms advocates living here in Asheville,” said Kaufman.


“You would think with the hippie population the number of hairy arm folks would greatly outweigh us bare arm folks. But I showed up to Pack Square around noon and there was at least a hundred people there all holding signs about the right to bare arms.”


Kaufman says there is a stigma in the United States against shaving one’s own arms especially for men. But Kaufman was glad to see so many fellow bare arm patriots demonstrate their right to bare arms Saturday.


“The whole demonstration was just so beautiful,” said Kaufman.


“People were waving American flags and holding up signs that read ‘Don’t tread on me’ and ‘Hands off my guns.’ I totally understand the hands off my guns phrase, when I shave my arms the ladies can barely keep their hands off my biceps. Ladies I’m not a piece of meat.”


Kaufman hopes Saturday’s demonstration will encourage more men that it is ok to shave one’s own arms.


Kaufman asks if this guy can shave his junk why can't he also bare arms?

Kaufman asks if this guy can shave his junk why can’t he also bare arms?

“I don’t understand the stigma personally,” said Kaufman.


“I mean most men today are now willing to shave their private parts for their ladies and if you are willing to risk cutting the jewels, you should have no fear of shaving your arms. I can’t even imagine what it is like putting after-shave on my junk.”


Finally, Kaufman hopes Saturday will be the first step in finally putting to rest the argument that shaving one’s arms leads to one getting made fun of.


“Shaving one’s arms doesn’t get you mad fun of,” said Kaufman.


“You get yourself made fun of. I mean sure the act of shaving your arms allows others to make fun of you in a specific and perhaps easier way. But it’s not the razor’s fault; it’s your fault. I shave my arms all the time and I’m never made fun of for it. Don’t legislate razors, legislate people who use razors and their arms irresponsibly.”


Gillette is currently in talks with Kaufman about possibly sponsoring future right to bare arms rallies.

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